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Twelve Bag Sampler
This colorful collection of 12 of our beautifully Craft Roasted coffees will make the most discerning coffee lover happy!
12 of our most popular coffees from bold to mild, from the world’s premium coffee regions in Latin America, Africa and Flavored Favorites. Shipped in a gift-able burlap coffee bag! (Whole bean or Ground)


Three Bag Sampler
Our three most popular Craft Roasted coffees:

  • Auburn City Blend (bold)
  • Southern Pecan
  • Breakfast Blend

Boxed and shipped in a gift-able burlap coffee bag. (Whole Bean or Ground)

 Enter Number of Sampler Sets

 Enter Number of Sampler Sets

toomers_coffee_roaster_brazilBrazil Cerrado A Direct Trade coffee, this  Brazil Cerrado (a varietal of Arabica coffee) is accompanied by a nutty aroma with robust chocolate tones. One of our most popular Medium City roast coffees. MEDIUM toomers_coffee_roasters_columbianColombian Supremo The highest rating Colombia has to offer it’s coffees, Supremo, is the quintessential coffee for so many years associated with Colombia. This high mountain grown bean is best presented in a Medium City Roast. MEDIUM toomers_coffee_roasters_costa_ricaCosta Rican Criré Tarrazú A Direct Trade coffee from the Criré Farms. A traditional regional favorite, Tarrazú is a Costa Rican belt that produces one of the finer coffees Costa Rica has to offer. The Light to Medium City Roast presents a pleasing subtle blend of aromas from chocolate to cinnamon. MEDIUM
12 oz. Bags – $10.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags 12 oz. Bags – $10.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags 12 oz. Bags – $10.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags
toomers_coffee_ethiopiaEthiopian Sidamo From the Sidamo Province in Ethiopia, Sidamo is a Medium to Full City Roast coffee appreciated for its deep, spice and wine or chocolate-like taste and floral aroma. toomers_coffee_roasters_tanzaniaTanzanian Peaberry Peaberry coffees are smaller beans created when the bean within the cherry does not develop into two separate halves. The result is a novel, compact football shaped bean treasured for it’s rich flavor. This is a Full City Roast coffee. BOLD
12 oz. Bags – $11.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags 12 oz. Bags – $10.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags
toomers_coffe_roasters_acbAuburn City Blend Our #1 seller is our own proprietary blend which is also our house blend. It is our most popular coffee especially with those who like BOLDER coffees. BOLD toomers_coffee_roasters_breakfast_blendBreakfast Blend Breakfast Blend is one of our flagship roasts, our marvelous proprietary blend of Latin coffees in Light to Medium City roast. Very bright flavor with chocolate tones, it’s the favorite at 6 a.m. , 9 a. m. or midnight! MEDIUM toomers_coffee_roasters_espressoEspresso Blend Our espresso blend is a proprietary blend of Sumatra Mandehling, Costa Rican Tarrazú and Columbian Supremo. We have many customers who enjoy our espresso as their regular morning brew at home. BOLD toomers_coffee_roasters_french_roastFrench Roast Our French Roast has absolutely zero bitter after-taste. How do we do that? By actually doing a French Roast. A true French Roast is not burnt. It cups with a sweet note that perfectly complements the slight smokiness of the dark French Roast. Dark yet not too bold. BOLD
12 oz. Bags – $11.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags 12 oz. Bags – $11.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags 12 oz. Bags – $11.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags 12 oz. Bags – $11.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags
toomers_coffee_roasters_swiss_water_decafSwiss Water Process® Brazil Decaf Leave it to the Swiss to figure out a way to decaffeinate coffee without harming the taste. Swiss Water Processed Decaf is a patented process whereby the caffeine is removed using simply clear, clean H2O. This is also a great mixer to blend with your favorite coffees (aka “half-caf”) when less caffeine is preferred without going completely “off the grid”. MEDIUM
12 oz. Bags – $11.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags
toomers_coffee_roasters_vermont_maple_nutVermont Maple Nut This is one of our most popular flavored coffees year-round. The subtle maple hint with just a hint of brown sugar aroma is just the ticket for weekend mornings under the blankets with a good book or the Sunday News. Maybe by the pool or on the deck with friends by the fire pit. MEDIUM toomers_coffee_roasters_southern_pecanSouthern Pecan Pie Pronounced in our neck of the woods: “Su-thun PEA-can”, this is probably our #1 selling flavored coffee. It tastes just like it should, a nutty pecan aroma and married to a great Medium City Roast Latin American coffee. “Yall will really like this one!” MEDIUM toomers_coffee_roasters_vanilla_buttercreamVanilla Butter Cream Remember cupcakes Grandma used to make with Butter Cream frosting? Think of this as a cupcake in a cup! Yummy. MEDIUM toomers_coffee_roasters_caribbean_cruiseJamaica Me Crazy
This is a favorite for beach lovers! Gentle aromatic hints of vanilla and rum together draw you back to a happy place by the pool, on the beach, sailing, or nustled around a driftwood fire on a secluded sand dune. MEDIUM
12 oz. Bags – $11.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags 12 oz. Bags – $11.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags 12 oz. Bags – $11.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags 12 oz. Bags – $11.95 Enter Quantity 12 oz. bags